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a2z Development Center is part of the Amazon group of companies

a2z Development Center is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon.com.  We are responsible for many projects, which enable great retailing experiences. 

We’re an agile group so we emphasize best practices and personal discipline instead of heavyweight formal processes.  We partner with some of the smartest minds not only in e-commerce but in any industry.  As a team, we develop and launch new businesses in a matter of months, rather than years.  a2z encourages our employees to be actively involved in the critical decision-making process that impacts the top-notch customer experience.  We learn fast and have fun while benefiting from the resources of a stable, forward-thinking Fortune 100 company.  We’ll guide your development, lend credibility to your ideas, and support your solutions.  It’s what you’d expect from the company that shares your commitment to customers and your passion for innovation.

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